Prince Lionheart WARMIES® Wipes Warmer

Our favorite wipes warmer for cloth wipes! The Wipes Warmers 3-part heating unit is especially designed for cloth wipes and provides better warming. The unique Ever-Fresh® System keeps cloth wipes moist and fresh. Four (4) Warmies® cloth wipes and 1 Ever-Fresh pillow included. Find more cloth wipes here!

The patented system works 3 ways to keep cloth wipes moist, warm, and mildew-free:

  • Ever-Fresh Pillow retains moisture.
  • Better insulation in walls and better seal along lid prevents browning.
  • Anti-microbial tub and pillow to inhibit mildew growth.  Purchase additional pillows here.

Specially designed for use with WARMIES® reusable cloth wipes—the eco-happy way to wipe. Using reusable wipes for your baby keeps tons of trash out of landfills annually, making WARMIES® the environmentally-conscious decision. And that's a good thing.


Wipes: made from 100% rayon derived from bamboo, more absorbent than cotton, no dyes or bleaches

Micropore pillow: Ever Fresh Pillows contain 35-45% PVA, 45-55% water and antimicrobial agents (.4% citric acid, .2% sodium dehydroacetate).

How Do I Use It? Any Tips?

We loved having a wipes warmer for the first six months.  There are two great reasons to use a wipes warmer:
  • Some babies really do mind cold wipes, and will cry or fuss when the wipes aren't warm.
  • Having a wipes warmer with the wipes ready to go can really help make diaper changes easy for all family members.
    If you are using a wipes warmer:
    1. Fold 1-2 dozen wipes in half,  stack them, and place in wipes warmer.
    2. Poor about 1 cup of wipes solution over the wipes.
    3. Flip the wipes, ensuring they are completely saturated.
    4. There may be some left over wipes solution in the bottom of warmer.  It's fine to leave it there.
    5. Replace wipes every 1-2 days.  Waiting longer can lead to mildew growth.

    Baby Bits recommends using the warmer for the wipes solution alone, and then dipping wipes in it as needed. That's another way you can go about it!

    For a wipes solution, you can use Baby Bits, or Foaming Wipes Solution (concentrate).  For a homemade recipe:
    • 2 cups distilled water
    • 2 Tablespoons Baby Oil
    • 1 Teaspoon of your favorite Liquid Baby Soap
    • 2-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil

    Feel free to modify recipe and use different essential oils!  Tea Tree Oil is great because it is naturally antibacterial.  However, other essential oils can also be used.  (Some babies are sensitive to Tea Tree Oil.)


    Prince Lionheart stands behind their products and offers a 1 year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. This warranty does not provide coverage for products that are damaged as a result of misuse or abuse. If you believe your product is not working properly, please contact themand they will be happy to replace any part or product determined to be defective. They may require proof of purchase, photos, or return of the product in question for repair or replacement. Please do not send them defective products or parts unless they request you to do so.

    Product Origin: Made in China

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