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We love to reuse! Why not save money and resources, especially when babies and toddlers grow out of things so quickly! We have a wide selection of gently used clothing (sizes preemie through 18-24 months), cloth diapers, baby gear, maternity clothing and related items, toys, books, shoes, and more! Our sister store, Mama Goose, carries sizes 2T all the way up to 14/16!
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What do you buy?

All buying of used items now happens on the Mama Goose side of our new store. Please visit our How To Sell page here for our updated selling policies and procedures. We may buy any of the following: children's clothing from size preemie though 14/16, including swimwear, outerwear, and socks, maternity clothing, nursing bras, tops, and dresses, baby gear (i.e. bouncer seats, pack-n-plays, walkers, etc.), toys, shoes. For larger items and gear (such as bouncers, swings, strollers, bassinets), please check with us by calling, emailing, texting, or sending us a Facebook message. Our phone number is 607-272-1237 or 607-216-7851 (Mama Goose). We have limited space for larger items, thus checking with us first is great and most efficient!

What DON'T you buy?

We do not buy used car seats, electric breast pumps, recalled products, broken items, stained items, dirty items, items with odors, and items with pet hair. Strollers must from 2016 or after. Any infant sleep items must meet all current safety standards, which did change in June of 2022. 

How does your pricing work?

We will assess what we are interested in buying and provide you with an estimated retail value for your items. If you choose to take store credit, you are getting 40% of the estimated retail value; if you choose to take cash (in the form of a check), you are getting 30% of the estimated retail value. You get to pick which you'd like! For highly sought-after items we pay a higher percentage (50% of the retail value in store credit or 40% as a check)!

I have a large and/or expensive item, do I just bring it in?

We ask that you text us a photo and brand name/model of larger items before bringing them in. Our number is 607-272-1237 or 607-216-7851 (Mama Goose). We do take larger items, however space is limited! If an item in brought in disassembled, we ask that you build it in store. Keep in mind that all items with electronic features must have working batteries. 

Are there any days that you don't buy?

We do not take items in on Sundays/Mondays, in addition to the final 7 days of every month. If you have a larger load (more than 2 standard grocery bags), please call 607-216-7851 to make an appointment to drop off your items. We always offer drop off, meaning you can bring in your items, fill out the paperwork, and go on your way! We'll call/text/email you when we've gone through things and let you know what we an offer. After that, you can come back (if needed), whenever it works for you; there's no rush!

Do I have to wait for you to look through my items?

For walk-in selling yes, but for drop-offs no! This is a unique service that we offer! You can bring your items in, fill out our drop off form, and get on with your day! We will contact you once we have looked through your items (due to the pandemic, this is currently taking at least 1 week). Once we contact you, you can stop back any time during normal store hours (if you need to).

Do I need an appointment to sell items to you?

For larger loads of items (more than 2 standard grocery bags), yes. As of July 1, 2021 we will resume walk-in selling, which means you can show up with up to 2 standard grocery bags of items and we'll look through them on the spot (please note that there may be other folks ahead of you when you show up). We will resume walk-in selling on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am-5pm (except for the final 7 days of the month). We'll always do our best to work through things as quickly as possible.

What season are you buying now?

June 2023: We are mostly looking for summer items, sandals, raingear, outerwear, rain boots. Aside from clothing, we always assess toys, games, larger gear, shoes, etc. We selectively buy the best of all seasons, year round.

Can I donate leftover items?

Yes! We are happy to pass on any items that we are not able to buy. We pass these items on to local organizations first! We are not always able to donate larger gear, mostly because these organizations cannot take these items.