Cost Comparison: Cloth Diapers vs. Disposables

From Consumer Reports, May 2016, "Disposable diapers are undeniably more convenient, but they're costly. You can expect to spend around $2,500 or more by the time your baby is potty-trained. If you use "eco-friendly" disposable diapers, which are biodegradable and/or not bleached with chlorine, you'll pay about $1,000 more depending on the number of diaper changes per day and the brand you use."

Save $1,300 - $1,900 with Cloth Diapers

Here is our own break-down of how you can save with cloth diapers!  Our numbers are based on cloth diapering or using disposables for 3 years.  We even include the cost of accessories and washing!

Option 1 - Economical
(Prefolds with One-Size
Pocket Diapers at night)
Option 2 - Most Popular
(Kissaluvs Size 0, then
One-Size Pocket Diapers)
Option 3 - Convenient
(XS, S, M, L sizes of
Easy to Use Diapers)
Cost of Cloth Diapers
$372  $718  $931
Cost of Accessories
$154  $154  $154
Cost of Washing
$423  $423  $423
Total Cloth Diapering Cost
$949  $1,295  $1,508
Cost of Disposables
$2,839  $2,839  $2,839
$1,890  $1,544  $1,331

Save $4,000 when Using the Same Cloth Diapers for 2 Children!

If you take great care of your diapers, you can reuse them for a second child!  That's when savings start getting serious!  Rather than reinvesting in cloth diapers, all you need to pay for is washing the diapers!

Using the 3 options above, you would save $4,306, $3960, $3747 if reusing the diapers for a second child!


Cloth Diaper Details: Cost of washing and drying 1 load is estimated to be $0.50.  Charlie's Soap costs $0.08/load.  Total cost of laundry is based on washing one load every 1.5 days for 3 years.

Disposable Diaper Details: Number of diapers needed based off of 12 diapers per day for the first 3 months, then 8 diapers per day until 3 years old.  This gives 9,000 total disposable diapers for one baby.  Average cost of a disposable according to Consumer Reports is 26.5 cents, giving $2,385.  Diaper genie inserts cost 3 cents/diaper, adding $226.80.  1 disposable wipe/diaper at 3 cents/wipe adds another $226.80.  Total cost, excluding gas, extra diaper rash cream, washing baby's clothes more often due to poop leaking, extra trash collection fees, etc.: $2,838.60.  We have excluded sales tax in both our disposable and cloth diaper calculations.