Gently Used Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers can save you so much money - and even moreso with Gently Used Cloth Diapers! Save from 20-40% off new prices!

We have over 12 years of experience in handling and inspecting used cloth diapers, so you can trust us to look for what's important!

Many of our gently used cloth diapers are returns from our 21-day trial or newborn cloth diaper rental programs, so have been used minimally! For diapers used longer, we only put together the best packages of diapers, from one customer's stash, that are odor-free and often freshly stripped. We include any details about the condition in our descriptions. 

We have so much more in our retail store than we can list on our website! If you are looking for specific diapers, a starter package, or just a few to complete your stash, we are always happy to help. We can text you pictures and put an order together for you! Jillian's Drawers Cloth Diaper Section