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Local to us here in the Ithaca area?

Latching Lounge (Currently on pause!) at Jillian's Drawers. Read more and sign up on our Classes & Calendar page here.

La Leche League of Ithaca meets on the first Monday of each month at 10am at 402 N. Cayuga St., in downtown Ithaca. 



Lactation Consultants in the Ithaca, NY area

Shanna Jesch, IBCLC

Jeanette McCullouch, IBCLC

Finger Lakes Lactation, Heather Mastro IBCLC

Summer Killian, RN, IBCLC

Lisa Machlin, RN, IBCLC


Need a hospital-grade pump?

We (Jillian's Drawers) rent Medela Symphony hospital-grade breastpumps by the week or month. Whether you just need one to get by until your insurance-provided pump arrives or you need the strength of a hospital grade pump for full-time pumping, you can always start with a short amount of time and extend your rental as needed. 

Medela Symphony pumps can be rented for $25 per week or $90 per month. You will need the Double Pumping Kit  in order to make use of the pump motor. The kit contains the pieces and parts that contact your milk, plus the tubing and membranes for connecting to the Symphony pump. These are pieces and parts that you keep; the motor is the part being rented. 

Please call us at 607-272-1237 for availability or with any questions. Stop in the store any time to rent or inquire.

If you need help using your Medela pump (any model), we are always happy to provide a tutorial on how the pieces go together and how it works! We also sell many of the pieces and part for Medela pumps, Haakaa Manual Pumps, nursing bras, pillows, shawls, products for nipple recovery and soothing, and consumables for increasing milk production.


I have an abundant milk supply. How can I donate to help other mamas and babies in need?

We are a licensed human milk depot with the NY Milk Bank. Donors do need to become approved by the NY Milk Bank before we can accept donations of human milk. The approval process is easy and the NY Milk Bank covers any associated costs. Learn more about how to donate breastmilk here. 


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