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  • The most wonderful part of Jillian's Drawers is their customer service.  It is second to none.  They are the friendliest, most accommodating, sincere people.  I cant say enough good things about my favorite store!

    Jenna from Newfield, NY

  • I had read on mom blogs and parenting forums about a 21 day trial of cloth diapers for $10 at Jillian's Drawers! Once I got pregnant, I started doing more research and then realized that Jillian's Drawers is right in my town! My husband and I went in to see the cloth diapers in person and try to get a feel for what kind of system would work for us. The sales lady was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and spent about 20-30 minutes showing us different types and answering our questions. I also like that they have a registry feature on their website!! The initial investment for cloth diapers can be daunting, so being able to register is really nice!

    Diana from Ithaca, NY

  • I love this store. Has all the diaper advice I need. I use trifolds and found that the covers I used for my first daughter just don't work for my second skinnier one! I also can find great shoes and natural products, like stainless steel sippy cups.  I always have fun there.

    Charlotte from Ithaca, NY

  • Jillian's has the best selection of natural parenting products of anywhere I have seen. The store is meticulously organized, clean, and very parent-friendly/baby friendly (easy access bathrooms and changing area, toys for kids to play with, nursing nook etc.) They carry all of the best brands  and always have sales and promotions going on.

    Jenna from Newfield, NY

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