Prince Lionheart Ever Fresh Replacement Pillows, 2-Pack

Specially designed micropore pillow that fits between the heat source and wipes, keeping wipes moist and fresh!

Designed for the Ultimate Wipes Warmer and Warmies Wipe Warmer, both by Prince Lionheart. Need more cloth wipes too? Look here.

Replace Ever-Fresh pillow every three months to keep wipes moist and fresh!
Nobody likes dry wipes. These micro-pore pillows create an evaporation and condensation environment to keep baby wipes moist and fresh, just how we like them.


Ever Fresh Pillows contain 35-45% PVA, 45-55% water and antimicrobial agents (.4% citric acid, .2% sodium dehydroacetate).

Product Origin: Made in China

About Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart has remained a family owned and operated company ever since its inception in 1973. 

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