Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental - ADD MONTHLY RENTAL FEE HERE

Add either 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or 4 months to your order for our Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Program. Most parents pick 2 months, and then decide to extend the trial if they need to, depending on how big baby is.

If you decide to extend your rental period, simply come back to this page and pay for another 1 or 2 months as needed. It's easy!

Most one-size diapers don't begin fitting until 12 lbs (around 2-4 months). Newborn diapers give a great fit and leak protection, but they also can be expensive. So... we created this newborn cloth diaper rental program!

For $40/month (disposables average $50-$70 per month), you will get NEW cloth diapers! You get to pick which kind (prefolds, Imagine Bamboo Fitteds, bumGenius Littles Newborn All-In-Ones, Thirsties Newborn All-in-Ones, or Blueberry Organic Simplex, all favorite newborn diapers). You pay the retail price of the diapers and then receive the entire retail value back as a store credit when you return the diapers. We have an awesome selection of cloth diapers, toys, baby carriers, bras, lunch supplies, car seats, strollers, mattresses, and more, so you will easily be able to spend your store credit! You will not have to worry about reselling the diapers, keeping them stain-free, or hoping they will fit longer than a month!

You can order diapers in quantities of 6 (2 for diaper covers). That way you can mix and match however you like. For example, 6 prefolds, 6 Imagine Bamboo Fitteds, 6 bumGenius newborn AIOs, 6 Simplex, and 4 Thirsties covers is a great mixed option. Want a low upfront payment? Pick 24 prefolds and 6 covers. Or 30 Simplex for a super easy newborn experience. We find 18 newborn diapers to be the bare minimum and 30 newborn diapers to be more than enough. After you add all the diapers you want to rent to the cart, add the monthly rental fee here. If you are opting for prefolds, we recommend purchasing Snappi Diaper Fasteners or Boingo Diaper Fasteners.

WE SHIP PACKAGES 4 WEEKS AFTER THE ORDER IS PLACED. This typically means you should order the package about 6-8 weeks before your due date. The rental period begins 1 week after you receive the package. (We are always happy to hold onto your package until you e-mail us to ship it, in case you want to order it earlier.) Making a last minute rental decision? No worries! We can always do our best to ship things more quickly. Questions? Just scroll down for FAQs!

Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Program FAQs

How Do I Order This Program?
Just add to the cart all the diapers you'd like to rent from our page here. Mix and match all you'd like! Add the rental fee to your cart from this page (in monthly increments). If you are already using the rental program and just need to extend it, simply add another month to your cart here. 

When Does the Rental Period Begin?
The rental period begins 1 week after you receive the diapers

When Do You Ship the Rental Package?
We automatically send the package out 4 weeks after you place the order. So it's a good idea to order this package 6 weeks before your due date. If you need things faster, give us a call/text at 607-272-1237 or send an email.

Can You Hold the Package for More than 4 Weeks?
Sure! Feel free to let us know the date you'd like us to ship the package. You can just type a note out at checkout.

Yikes! My baby is due in 2 weeks! Can I still get a rental package in time?

We can always do our best to get your rental package ASAP! Let us know when you'd like to have the diapers by, and we'll do our best to get everything to you in time. 

Can You Give Me an Example of How This Works?
Sure! Let's say you want 18 Newborn Simplex All-In-Ones. Just add these to your cart. The total will be $359.82. This is the amount you will be paying for the diapers. When the diapers are returned, you will received $359.82 in store credit.

You'll also add, let's say, 2 months rental period to the shopping cart, which is $80. This is the non-refundable rental fee.

So, after you return the diapers at the end of the two months, your diapers will have cost $80 and you'll have $359.82 in store credit. You just saved $279.82 by renting vs. buying!

Do the Diapers Need to be Stain-Free? 

No! Diapers must be returned to us clean and dry, but staining will not affect your credit at all. Most people still like to minimize staining though! Here are a few tips: We suggest getting any soiled diapers soaking wet with cold water before dropping them in your diaper pail. Sunning is a great way fade or eliminate stains! 

When Do I Send the Package Back?
We offer a 5-day grace period after your rental period ends. If you are unsure how to calculate the rental period end date, simply call or text us at 607-272-1237 or send a quick email and we will let you know when the diapers are due back.

Our address is:

Jillian's Drawers
171 E. State St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

How Does the Store Credit Work?

Once we receive your return package, we will process it within 3 business days. We will apply the store credit to your account and send you an email notification. If you would like to place an order before returning your package (so you don't have a gap in your cloth diapering!), here's how to go about it:

1. Put the items in your cart that you wish to order. You will still have to enter your credit card information as if you were placing a normal order. 

2. During the checkout process, type us a note (or copy and paste this one) that says the following: Please apply store credit from my Newborn Diaper Rental before charging my credit card.

3. We will process the order right away, but will not charge your credit card. Once we receive the return package, we will apply the store credit to your order and only charge your card if there is still a balance due after applying the store credit. Any remaining store credit will be in your account to use for a future order.

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