Try Cloth for $10 - NEWBORN Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Cloth Diaper Trial Program

Our cloth diaper trial program is recommended by Parenting Magazine as "The Easy Way to Try Cloth!"

Now you can try great cloth diapers with your newborn and they will fit and work wonderfully! Would you prefer enough diapers to cloth diaper full time? Try our NEWBORN RENTAL PROGRAM FOR $40/MONTH!

For babies over 12 lb., choose our standard Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Cloth Diaper Trial here.

Step 1: Pay $103.77 for the diapers. (Leave a note if you'd like to customize, but keep the total around $100.)
Step 2: Try everything.  Wash them, use them, fall in love with cloth diapering!
Step 3: Mail the diapers back to us after using them for 21 days. (For our newborn cloth diaper trial, the 21 days starts when you actually begin using the diapers, not with your order date!)
Step 4: Receive a store credit of $93.77, regardless of whether the diapers are stained or not.
And... receive FREE SHIPPING on your next order (to orders within the US). 

If you are open to some substitutions, using gently used, stain-free diapers, send us a note at saying "My order number is XXX and I'm happy to have gently used diapers!" You can text us at 607-272-1237 or email us at: We will adjust the cost of your trial to reflect any substitutions made and let you know the new total.

Colors will vary from colors shown in picture."Blues" may include colors traditionally labeled as "boy," as well as other neutral colors. "Pinks" may include pinks and purples, as well as other neutral colors. "Neutral" may include yellow, white, orange, brown, green, aqua, gray, black, etc.

What's Included

We aim to provide a sampling of the diaper "systems" on the market today. Because the newborn phase most babies wiill NOT fit into one-size diaper systems, we have found that the diapers shown below reflect what works (or a combination of such) for most families during this phase. 

1. Prefolds: Some consider prefolds old-fashioned, but we beg to differ! Although a classic, they are still extremely popular due to their versatility, affordability, and effectiveness. We include 2 Osocozy Unbleached Prefolds in standard sizing. Use with a Snappi diaper fastener to fasten around your baby, or fold and lay in a cover. We also include 1 Better Fit Unbleached Prefold. Better Fit Prefolds have slightly different dimensions and are intended for those who fold the diaper in thirds the long way (also known as pad-fold) and simply lay it in a cover (no fastener is used). Because a prefold is the absorbent part (it's not waterproof on its own), we also include one Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper cover and one Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Cover. This is used over top of the prefold to make it waterproof. Diaper covers can be reused until stinky or soiled.

2. Fitted Diapers: Fitteds are know for great containment in the newborn phase, and great absorbency, especially when baby is sleeping longer at night. Why are they so great at containing newborn messes? That's because most newborn fitted diapers have nice textured fabric with great elastic at the legs openings and at the back of the waist. Fitteds do require a diaper cover over top to make them waterproof. You can use either of the diaper covers included in this trial program over top of the one Nicki's Bamboo Fitted that is included in the trial (please note, due to supply issues we may substitute the Thirsties Natural Newborn Fitted). We also carry the most amazing nighttime fitted diaper, Twinkie Tush! Keep this in mind for future nighttime needs :)

3. All-in-One Diapers: AIOs are considerd the most like disposable diapers, in that all pieces and parts are attached, so you simply put the diaper on and take it off, washing the entire thing after every use. Convenience and ease of use are their desirable traits. We include one of each of the La Petite Ourse Newborn AIO, Thirsties Newborn AIO, and Blueberry Simplex Newborn AIO. You will find that some of these fit larger than others (we have listed them in order from smallest fit to largest). The bumGenius Little also includes a stay-dry doubler for boosting absorbency and/or adding a stay-dry layer next to baby's skin. Overall, these diapers fit from 6 or 7 lb. up to 12 to 16 lb., depending on the model and your baby's shape and size.

There are two more cloth diapers systems out there that we do not include in our NEWBORN trial. The first is the pocket diaper system. We don't feel this is the best newborn system for a few reasons; tiny pockets are hard to stuff with inserts and smooth fleece doesn't contain newborn poop well. The other system is the all-in-two system/hybrid system. You can try this system with your prefolds by folding them in thirds and laying them in the cover. This can seem like the most convenient way to use a prefold, however in the newborn phase, you will likely go through a lot more dirty covers, because poop is much more likely to get on the cover when they are used this way. This system is much more effective and popular for its trimness when baby is a bit older and on the move!


Is this program for me?

There are many different cloth diapers available today, and it quickly becomes overwhelming trying to find the best system for you and your baby.  Reading about cloth diapers is difficult, and it is much easier to make an informed decision after you have seen your options in person.

This program lets you try different options while deciding whether you mind the extra work of caring for cloth diapers - without an initial investment.  In the end, if you decide cloth diapers aren't for you, you can say you tried!

Why don't I just use a diaper service to try cloth diapers?

Diaper services typically use only prefolds and industrial type covers, such as a Prorap. Cloth diapers have come so far, it really is worth it to try a nice, convenient all-in-one, like a Thirsties One-Size AIO, or a pocket diaper, like a BumGenius 5.0, which leaves your baby's skin dry if you are going to wash your own diapers. Don't get us wrong, we are HUGE fans of prefolds, so don't hesitate to try your local diaper service and eliminate the need to wash on your own!

Tips to selecting the right size for the $10 cloth diaper trial program:

1) Project how much your baby will weigh in two weeks.
2) If your baby is currently between sizes, it is safe to round up to the next size.

How do I return the diapers to you?

You are responsible for shipping the diapers back to us, and you may use the least expensive shipping method available to you (using a bag, rather than a box, will often help keep shipping weight down!).  Remember that your second order with us ships for free!  We do this to offset your shipping expense of returning the diapers to us.

What if I want to keep only some of the diapers?

No problem!  Your store credit will be adjusted accordingly. Let's say you return $50 worth of diapers... your store credit will be $40 ($50 for the returned diapers minus the $10 trial fee). Remember you get free shipping on your next order!

What if I have questions after I receive the cloth diapers?

Don't worry, we are here to help!  Just call us at 607-272-1237 or send us an e-mail.  You can text our number too! We will respond promptly so that you can get your questions answered. We will include washing instructions with your trial order. Sometimes calling is the best way to get your questions answered most thoroughly and quickly, simply because talking to us helps us get to the root of your question/issue most directly. 

What if I return the diapers stained?

We completely understand that diapers can become stained! You will not be charged for any stained diapers; your store credit will be the same regardless of whether or not the diapers are stained.  To minimize staining, we recommend rinsing soiled diapers off immediately and saturating them with cold water before placing them in your diaper pail. Diapers do need to be returned to us clean and dry.

What condition will the diapers be in when I receive them?

Brand new (unless you have opted for any gently used diaper substitutions)! This means that everything will need to be washed 1-4 times before using. All gently used diapers will be stain-free, and have been used for less than 30 days. The cost of the trial will be modified to reflect any gently used substitutions made, if you choose this option.

What if my dog eats a diaper?

If you lose or damage a diaper, then you will be responsible for the replacement cost. You are not responsible for manufacturing defects, like snaps falling off, unraveling seams, etc. If you do notice a defect, please leave us a note on your return form.


How To Wash Cloth Diapers

We will include washing instructions with the diapers, but it is very simple:

  • One cold rinse.  Do not add detergent.  Use the highest water level setting.
  • One warm (or hot) wash with detergent.  If you are using a non-cloth diaper detergent, use 1/2 of the amount the detergent manufacturer recommends (1/4 for HE washing machines). Never use fabric softener, bleach, or Free & Clear detergents.
  • Dry in your dryer or hang-dry, or a combination of both.

For washing your cloth diapers, we also recommend our Detergent Sampler Pack. Try some of the best detergents for cloth diapers and get enough detergent to cover your 21-day trial time!

Why Buy From Us?

So, who are we?  We are a small, mom-owned, local natural parenting store!  14 years ago we thought, hey, parents should really try cloth diapers first-hand!  We invented this unique trial program and have helped moms and dads switch to cloth diapers ever since!  If you're ever in upstate New York, please stop by our Ithaca retail store... we would love to meet you!

Here are some great reasons to try our unique cloth diaper trial program:

  • We answer our phone!  Go ahead, give us a call!  We love to talk about cloth diapers!
  • We'll ship your order the same day!  Place your order before 3:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday, and it will ship the same day!
  • We have one of the largest selections of cloth diapers!  After you try cloth diapers, then come back and find a great selection of whatever you may need!
  • We have a 90-day return policy on purchases (our trial program has its own unique return policy).  Don't like what you received?  Return unused, unwashed items up to 90 days from receipt!
  • No restocking fees for returned products!
  • No pre-authorization required for returns.  Just mail items back to us with a copy of your packing slip or invoice.
  • Expert advice!  We've been helping parents switch to cloth diapers for over 13 years.  We know all the ins and outs and love to help.
  • Certified Living Wage Employer.  We offer all our great employees a living wage, along with flexible hours and work-at-home options.
  • Children are always welcome.  Our children have come to work with us for years.  We love supporting all our moms!

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