Newborn All-in-One Diaper by La Petite Ourse

A great adjustable newborn all in one diaper with plenty of absorbency! Stay-dry suedecloth interior with bamboo layers for excellent absorbency. Snap the doubler in when you need to, and you can even add more absorbency by tucking a booster/small insert in the pocket opening at the back.


The Newborn AIO from La Petite Ourse fits from 7 to 15 lb.


Main diaper: 25% bamboo, 75% polyester
Bamboo booster/doubler: 45% bamboo, 55% polyester
Absorption with the booster: 10 oz


We recommend washing and drying your La Petit Ourse AIO one time before use. Be sure to fasten any aplix (hook & loop) closures before washing. That's it!

Because bamboo/cotton/hemp retains its natural oils, it's important to remove this waxy outer fiber layer before using them for the first time.  We recommend washing the bamboo inserts with hot sudsy water and drying them in the dryer at least three times before their first use. (That's wash - dry - wash - dry - wash - dry).  To test if they're ready to use, make a cupped pocket in the insert and pour half a cup of water into it.  If the water is not readily absorbed, then they should be washed and dried more. The inserts typically will get more absorbent with several more washes.

We recommend washing your bamboo inserts by themselves during this break-in period (or with other diapers that also need to have these oils removed).  This will reduce pilling and prevent the oils from the bamboo/cotton from coating other diapers, causing them to repel water, rather than absorb it.

For our washing recommendations, click here.


2-Year Limited Warranty: Covers manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years after the date of purchase. All items are thoroughly inspected before being delivered to you; if, however, a defect does occur, La Petit Ourse is proud to offer you the best warranty in the cloth diaper business. This warranty is only valid for the first buyer with a proof of purchase and covers:

  • Snaps defects
  • Seams of the diaper*
  • Delamination of the fabric affecting the efficiency of the diaper

When possible, LPO strongly encourages the repair of small defects to reuse the products and therefore reduce the ecological footprint due to the manufacture and transport of merchandise.


  • Warranty excludes leaks, odors, poor maintenance and normal wear and tear of the product.
  • Final sale products.
  • The warranty is void if maintenance has not been done according to our maintenance guide or if the use of soap, cream or liniment ** has impaired its efficiency.
  • The elastics have a 6-month limited warranty. Cloth diapers that are frequently laid out in the sun to dry wear out elastics prematurely. Our warranty does not cover premature wear and tear due to use.
  • *The front and back pocket seams are excluded from the warranty.
  • The backpack has a 3-month warranty on its zippers only.
  • Final sale products are not covered by the warranty.

Note that, to benefit from this warranty, you must contact LPO with a photo of the defective product and a copy of your invoice. If the warranty applies, we will send you a new product free of charge.

**The use of liniment has been linked to several leaks problems, we suggest to limit the use of such products as much as possible. Our warranty does not apply if the use of such products has impaired its performance.

Product Origin: Made in China

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