GroVia Biosoaker 50-Pack

Lay inside your GroVia Hybrid Shell or in another trim fitting diaper cover; diaper covers typically contain much better than disposables! Switch out the insert and resue the shell. Biosoakers are great for those who cloth diaper part time or when out and about. Simple and effective!

From Natural Baby Company
Our promise at The Natural Baby Company is to provide products that are the highest quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly to parents throughout the world. We strive to empower our employees and customers with the knowledge necessary to make a positive impact on the planet through natural parenting. We elected to pursue IMO certification, which means that we undergo annual audits by The Institute of Marketecology (IMO) to ensure that our organic products live up to our ideals. A fantastic side benefit of this audit process is that it ensures all of our core products are produced under fair trade practices… even if some do not contain organic materials. We chose to partner with IMO because they have one of the longest track records (over 20 years) of providing certification of organic production. In fact, they are considered to be one of the leading organizations in the world for earth-friendly and fair-trade certification.

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