Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers, 3-Pack - 2 Styles!

Now 2 styles to choose from! There comes a time when your diapers will need a boost! We love the newborn size for newborn diapers, especially since babies will often start peeing through newborn diapers before they are ready to fit in one-size options. The newborn size booster will eliminate those absorbency issues!

Thirsties Doublers lay nicely in any diaper! The narrower dimensions (as compared with the Thirsties Hemp Insert) make a perfect booster without adding bulk. Plus the price is amazing! And they are made in the USA from organic cotton! 


Newborn: 8.5" long x 3.5" wide - perfect for adding absorbency to newborn diapers
Small:  11.75" long x 4.5" wide
Large:  13.5" long  x 5" wide


Made from 4 layers of 100% organic cotton.

Stay-Dry: Made from 4 layers of 100% organic cotton, topped with a layer of stay-dry, stain-resistant microfleece.


How to prepare for first use

Because bamboo/unbleached cotton/hemp retains its natural oils, it's important to remove this waxy outer fiber layer before using them for the first time.  We recommend washing them with hot sudsy water and drying them in the dryer at least three times before their first use. (That's wash - dry - wash - dry - wash - dry).  To test if they're ready to use, make a pocket in the insert and pour half a cup of water into it.  If the water is not readily absorbed, then they should be washed and dried more. Thirsties Hemp Inserts will be fully absorbent by about 8 washes/dries.

We recommend washing your Thirsties Hemp Inserts by themselves during this break-in period (or with other diapers that also need to have these oils removed).  This will reduce pilling and prevent the oils from the bamboo/hemp/cotton from coating other diapers, causing them to repel water, rather than absorb it.

For our washing recommendations, click here.


  • Your product is under limited warranty for possible return for up to 1 year after the original purchase date.
  • Defects include loose stitching, holes discovered upon arrival, broken snaps, etc.
  • Staining, fading, holes that develop with use and potential build-up are all considered normal 'wear and tear' and does not suffice for repair or replacement purposes.
  • Leaks are not considered a defect.
  • If your products were damaged by the use of additives or improper care, the warranty will be void.

For warranty/defect issues, please contact Thirsties directly using the form found here.



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