Citrus Circles - Diaper Pail Deodorizing Disks

Citrus Circles™ are non-toxic deodorizing wafers for any smelly contained space. They offer a fresh, clean citrus scent.

Ideal for any contained area that needs "freshening" up including: diaper pails, garbage pails,bathrooms, etc. Individually wrapped for freshness.

Citrus Circles deodorizing wafers have a sweet, fruity fragrance.  We frequently replenish our supply of Citrus Circles, so you can count on a shelf life of at least 3 months after purchasing.


Made from blotter paper with an oil based citrus scent applied. Citrus Circles are nontoxic but of course should not be ingested.

How Do I Use It? Any Tips?

We recommend putting one Citrus Circle into old panty hose and hanging in the diaper pail. Each circle lasts approximately 2 weeks.


Product Origin: Made in USA


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