Lillebaby Retractable Mirror for Baby Carriers

What's going on back there? We often have customers asking us if there little one is asleep on their back. This mirror helps you figure it out! As with any rear view mirror, it can be useful for other things too! Customers have other creative uses for the mirror including checking their own make up and teeth! Play peekaboo with your awake kiddo using this as a fun tool for play. 
Retractable cord is approximately 10 - 12 inches long.
Product Origin: Made in China
About Lillebaby

The idea that functional and beautiful everyday objects should be available to us all is a core theme in Scandinavian design. With a Scandinavian foundation, the LÍLLÉbaby brand has from its very conception been true to these roots and shown a warm passion for combining functionality and style.

Resonating with the Scandinavian values of quality of life, honesty, and a love for nature's beauty, LÍLLÉbaby strives to make baby products that bring this functional style to parents, anywhere. We wish parents to attain the simple luxury of keeping their baby close while building a natural bond, in perfect comfort and style.

Green Commitment:

Becoming a parent reminds us that we pass the world down to our children. To that end, LÍLLÉbaby is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by bringing you environmentally responsible products and maximizing recycling in our production, packaging and day-to-day work. Though "organic" and "sustainable" are quite the buzzwords these days, they've been a part of our company vocabulary from the very beginning. We started almost 10 years ago with lots of optimism, but little money, so conservation was critical - it became a way of life. But the biggest impact is not our biking to work or reusing the printing paper, but the way we make our products. That’s why we design our products to be the most sustainable versions we can make. Our packaging and ink are tested for their decomposability performance in landfills to ensure they are not harmful to the environment. The materials we choose, the coloring we use, the production methods we employ, and the factories we select are where we make sure the products are healthy for our little customers, and where our green philosophy makes the biggest difference.


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