Yumbox Poche - Insulated Lunch Bag Sleeve with Handles

Perfectly slim, insulated sleeve for Yumbox bento box or just for sandwiches and snacks.  Keep your food fresh and cool: Yumbox Poche's innovative design includes insulation to maintain cooler temperatures for longer periods.  

  • Durable and easy to use: Made with easy-to-clean, durable materials, Yumbox Poche features a sturdy sports zipper for easy access to your food.
  • Perfectly sized for on-the-go: Yumbox Poche's compact size makes it easy to carry in your backpack or work bag. It's designed to fit the largest Yumbox Tapas perfectly, with extra space for a slim ice pack. And if you're using it for smaller Yumboxes or lunch containers, there will still be plenty of room.

Product Size

Dimensions 12" x 9" x 1"  (expands to 2 inches in depth)


Yumbox Poche's nylon exterior is a breeze to clean. Note that it is not tested for washing machines.


Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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