Ups and Downs CD - Miss Angie's Music

We are born to love music! Music speaks to our deepest emotional core, moves us each in a unique and powerful way!

Miss Angie's Music meets kids right where they are, with all the curiosity, wonder and hunger for music and all that comes with it.  Miss Angie's repertoire of over 200 kid's songs will get kids moving, and grooving with the signature familiar themes and fabulous home production that our customers have come to love and expect.

Miss Angie's approaches music from a place of child-led imagination. Kids develop essential skills like listening, audiation, empathy, and eventually will have the confidence to explore their own vast and eclectic musical expressions with accuracy and bravery.  Miss Angie has thirteen years of experience leading groups of children in fun and age appropriate musical adventures.

Ups and Downs was released in 2019 and is the latest from Miss Angie. Zoom away with Miss Angie and friends! This action packed album will take you and your family on a fun adventure to get you moving through your day! It's all about the magic that children see in the every day things in our town!

To sign up for a class, have your birthday party for Miss Angie, or hire her for live music, please visit her website here.

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