Thinksport Insulated Food Container with Spork, 17 oz

The insulated, stainless steel Thinksport GO4TH Container keeps food hot for 4 hours or cold for up to 8 hours, making it the perfect travel container. Throw into any bag without fear of spillage. A built-in, folding spork securely snaps into the lid ensuring that a utensil is always available.

Features to Love

Free of BPA, lead, PVC, nitrosamines, phthalates, melamine and biologically harmful chemicals
Optimal dual screw lid system prevents spillage and leaks
Double-walled and made of medical grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel
Built-in folding spork so you are never without utensils
Keeps food hot for up to 4 hours, or cold for up to 8 hours

Product Size



18/8 medical grade stainless steel


Dishwasher safe. We recommend top rack for everything but the spork, which we recommend placing in the silverware holder. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. In other words, don't clean this with toxic chemicals.

Product Origin:Made Responsibly in China 

Thinkbaby and Thinksport's founder, Kevin Brodwick brought his interest in health and preventative medicine and his background in biotechnology together to form a company whose sole purpose is to create alternative products for little ones to adults.

With a team of physicians and scientists focused on the latest chemical and biological science, Thinkbaby and Thinksport continue to lead in the usage of safe materials for consumer products. Our efforts are further energized by working with both our leading child advocacy partners and like-minded individuals who seek alternative products.

"It became clear during my work within a biological testing lab (non-animal) that products on the market were fraught with issues. It didn’t matter if the product was made in China, the US or Switzerland, there were chemicals leaching that had the potential to cause endocrine disruption, cancer and reproductive harm. It also became quickly clear that government regulation was not on the near horizon. So Thinkbaby and Thinksport set off to create alternatives. The company first identified baby bottle, as 95% of the bottles on the market were composed of Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that is suspected to disrupt the endocrine system. We then proceeded to target other products within the baby feeding realm and were led by parents to design a sports bottle. Thinkbaby and Thinksport approaches each product category with the same criteria. Safe. Functional. Sustainable.


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