SmileFrida Tooth Hugger Toddler Toothbrush by Fridababy

Genius! You all know how hard it is to get a toddler to keep a toothbrush in their mouth for enough time to get around to all sides of the teeth! So, we must maximize the time the toothbrush is in the mouth - the SmileFrida gets all sides of the teeth at once - BINGO! Gently massages gums too!

To top it all off, Fridababy hits the mark again with a smart design that is easy to use and hold. 

Product Size

The Smilefrida Toothbrush measures inches long.


As stated on the package labeling, do not let your child bite or chew on the ToothHugger as this brush is not designed to be a teething aid or chew toy.  Furthermore, this product is to be used only under adult supervision and, like all toothbrushes, should be immediately discarded at the first sign of damage from repeated biting, chewing, or other wear and tear.  

This notification is to re-enforce existing product labeling regarding proper use. If you are currently using a SmileFrida the ToothHugger with your child, please check your product for signs of misuse, like repeated biting or chewing.  If there is visible evidence that the product has been chewed by your child, please discard the toothbrush. If you are in possession of an unopened SmileFrida the ToothHugger, you may continue to use the product as directed on the product labeling.


Product Origin: Made in China

We LOVE the Fridababy company's amazing attititude of practicality and excellence.

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Great things come from Sweden, including our flagship fussbuster, NoseFrida. Invented by a Swedish pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor, NoseFrida is now helping parents across America provide smart, safe and hygienic snot-free relief to their stuffed up little ones.

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