Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0 All-in-One Cloth Diaper

So many options to suit your needs! The Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper is a natural fiber diaper (blend of hemp and cotton) that requires just 3 washes to reach full absorbency. The inner is a soft jersey-like blend (it reminds us of the Thirsties Hemp Inserts!) and has a soaker pad that snaps out, in case you don't need it. This is useful when you baby just starts fitting into this diaper (when you likely don't need a tremendous amount of absorbency) and the flappy-nature of it helps with washing well and drying more quickly. The absorbent backing in not fully attached to the PUL outer, leaving a pocket opening at the front that accommodates additional inserts and doublers if needed. 


The Dream Diaper 2.0 is an adjustable size diaper that fits most babies from 10 to 35 lb. 


Inner: Made from 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton

Outer: Made from 100% PUL (polyurethane laminate)


Product Origin: Made in the USA

About Smart Bottoms

Smart Bottoms offers an organic cloth diapering system that is 100% made in the United States. Our high quality products are available at a reasonable price, so all families can provide the finest for their little ones.

Smart Bottoms is more than just a business, it's a passion. Behind every cloth diapering mom (or dad), there's a story. A story of why they chose to go against the majority, why they chose the healthier, more environmentally friendly, or cheaper option. 

We want to be a part of your story! Many families in America are missing an entire generation of cloth diaperers. Parents who were cloth diapered, were undoubtedly diapered with old fashioned pre-folds, pins, and “rubber” pants. Let Smart Bottoms show you what today's cloth diapers look and feel like. You might just fall in love with how easy, healthy, and inexpensive it is to cloth diaper your baby!

Happy Diapering!
Christy Malone, Founder and President of Smart Bottoms. 


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