Punkin Butt Baltic Amber Necklaces

Punkin Butt’s Amber Teething Necklaces are made with authentic Baltic amber. What makes this special is the properties of succinic acid found in Baltic amber at rates of approximately 8%!

Commonly found in Chinese medicine as well as many prescription drugs, this active ingredient has been found to be:

  • soothing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • immune boosting
  • antioxidant-rich
  • calming

While succinic acid is also safe for consumption, teething necklace aren’t designed or meant to be chewed on!  It works by wearing it and allowing the warmth of your body to release the natural oils which are then absorbed into the skin.

Allowing small children to chew on the necklaces can lead to breakage and can be a CHOKING HAZARD. This is why our necklaces are an average length of 12.7 inches (32-33 cm). If it’s still too long, you can simply tie a knot in it to shorten the length.

Product Size

Each necklace measures approximately 13 inches.


authentic Baltic amber


Product Origin: Made in USA

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