OAKI Kids Rain Bib

Water-resistant and breathable rain bibs/overalls for toddlers and children! Durable construction with high performance membrane water repellency and a nylon outer. What else is great?!  OAKI's rain bibs have fully taped seams, reflecting safety strips, and adjustable shoulder straps. For kiddos who play hard despite any weather, engage in outdoor wilderness programs, and just love the mud, these rain bibs will provide excellent coverage and keep kiddos dry!

Product Size

Sizing runs large! 


Made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflectors for enhanced visibility and safety, taped seams, and enhanced abrasion resistance (5,000 cycles, 180 grit, 12 kPa). Oaki Rain Bibs have water resistance of 10,000 mm water column and are also wind resistant. PFC-free! Rain bibs have boot straps and a zipper weather guard!


Machine washable! See care for further care details.


All Oaki products come with a 60 day manufacturers defect warranty (from purchase date) We do not warranty normal wear and tear or damage to the product due to regular everyday use. We’re here to help! Please contact us if you have any questions at info@oaki.com

what is covered under manufacturers defect warranty:

• Seams not properly attached/sewn together
• Leaking at seams after first use
• Waterproof items not keeping water out after first use
• Missing parts
• Products not assembled correctly

what is not covered under manufacturers defect warranty, defined as “normal wear and tear” incurred by the user:

• Rips, tears or cuts in fabric
• Holes or punctures
• Lost items
• Items outgrown in a short period of time
• Worn down or thinning fabric

Product Origin: Made in China

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