Natural Woollies Kitty Earflap Beanie by ManyMonths

So warm and cozy! The Kitty Earflap Beanie has a fitted rounded design, with cute cat ears. Get ready for heads turning everywhere you go!  Adjustable with a strap too! Made from cozy rib knit merino wool.



Made from rib knit 100% merino wool.

Oeko-tex 100 certified non-mulesing merino wool. No superwash, no moth treatment, safe dyes.


Machine washable, max 30°C/80°F with gentle wool cycle. Although these are machine washable, we recommend hand washing. We love washing with Beyond Fibre Wash by Unicorn Clean!

We recommend airing outside in fresh air for wool garments. Wool items do not need to be washed after every use. Wash your Natural Woollies with wool/natural detergent. No bleach, no tumble dry.

About ManyMonths

ManyMonths® is celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2022! Their woolies are designed in Finland by Bettina, founder and a mom who sent her children to a Waldorf school and saw the need for clothing that is warm, durable and grows with children over many months and years. ManyMonths® is unique in that it has patented features to ensure a wider range of fit. Things like adjustable elastic waist, adjustable leg length, foldable cuffs, buttons to adjust sleeves and romper strap length, and even a bodysuit where the bottom half detaches and turns into a shirt! 

When it comes to warmth and durability, the wool is top notch! The 100% merino wool fabric is 380gsm, meaning that it is NOT just a base layer. Additionally, it is ribbed to create pockets of warmth and the fibers are twisted for extra durability when washing. In the current market, wool base layers have a weight of 180-195gsm. Time and time again, parents complain about how easy base layers get holes and that they're sick of paying for wool that simply doesn't hold up. ManyMonths® is different!

Ethics and Sustainability
ManyMonths® is leading the way in ethics and sustainability. The woolies are non-mulesed, not super-wash treated, not moth treated, and they use safe certified dyes. They are some of the purest woolies, which ensure that their natural properties of being UV protective, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, soft and warm are held to the highest standard. They're even machine washable! 

The sewing facility is a top-notch GOTS certified facility in China that is Scandinavian owned. They ensure that Finnish social and labor standards are held at the facility. ManyMonths® oversees the sewing facility and communicates daily by email and by Skype throughout the year. All members of the facility are:
  • At least 21+ years of age
  • Work 8-hour shifts with no forced overtime and a minimum of 6 days off per month
  • Paid at least 20% more than local wages
  • Provided health insurance and 3 months PAID maternity leave
  • Lunch is served daily
  • They only use Oeko-Tex Standard 100 dyes and chemicals to ensure safety for all

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