Mitten Clips

It's so disappointing when a mitten disappears (socks too :) !); mitten clips help keep mittens there when you need them! Simply clasp one end onto any fabric (think coat sleeve) and the other end onto the mitten. Durable clasps make it hard for toddlers to unclip (parenting win!).

Use mitten clips for other things too! Clip a blanket on tight, keep a toy off the ground, even use them for your adult self, keeping your mitten close by rather than shoving them in your pockets! 



      Product Origin: Made in China

      About Veranda Enterprises

      Veranda Enterprises is the home of SnowStoppers®, the innovative mittens with an extra-long cuff that keeps the mittens on and the snow out! 

      Founded eight years ago by a parent frustrated that as much as his children loved to play in the snow, they would get snow in their mittens or up their coat sleeve. The cold stopped a day of play and drove his kids indoors. Thanks to the extra-long cuff that is worn underneath the coat, cold wrists are a complaint of the past. Kids play longer and stay warmer with SnowStoppers® mittens and gloves. Veranda Enterprises has grown in the last eight years, adding advanced ski mittens, snow boots and hats to the SnowStoppers® line, and recently became the only United States distributor of Splashy™ Rainwear. The company that made it easier to enjoy the snow has now made it easier to enjoy the rain!

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