Maymom MyFit Flanges

Pack of 2! Compatible with Medela pumps (Pump in style, Lactina, Symphony, Swing, Mini Electric FreeStyle, Swing Maxi, Sonata, Freestyle Flex and Harmony). Can be used with the Spectra and other pumps with the proper connector. We carry small sizes based on recent research showing that often folks are finding more success with smaller sizes (consult  your lactation professional for help with fitting). We do also carry the 10mm and 12mm in the crater style MyFit Flanges; find them here!

NOTE: Connectors are not included in this listing, however can be purchased on our site here.

Some of the features!

  • Easy to clean
  • US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Products are inspected by US FDA. Complies with US FDA and EUstandards for containers that contact food and class II medical device; Test reports are online for your reference
  • Retail poly-bag packed; sealed by the manufacturer - Maymom, not original Medela parts
  • Made of Bisphenol-A (BPA)/DEHP-free material and all components are steam safe for sterilization.

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