Maymom Flange Insert for Elvie Pumps

Compatible with 24mm Elvie Single/Double Electric, Elvie Stride Cup. It will Reduce 24-mm shield nipple tunnel down to the mm size you purchase here. Compatible with Momcozy S9, S10, S12 (24mm Cup)/LegendaryMilk (24mm Cup)/Tsrete Wearable silicone Cups (24mm Cup). Also compatible with Medela PersonalFit Flex 24mm breastshield.

We carry small sizes based on recent research showing that often folks are finding more success with smaller sizes (consult your lactation professional for help with fitting).

Some of the features!

  • "Maintain compatibility with most handsfree bra. You can still use most handsfree bra on the market, having this insert installed inside 24mm detachable shields.
  • Snug fit. Unlike the other version of Maymom longer nipple-tunneled insert, there is no need to trim or cut this model of Maymom insert. Availabe sizes: 21, 19, 17, 15mm
  • BPA free, made of food-grade silicone. Compliant with US FDA regulations for food contact.

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