Lanolin Bar Soap

Extra lanolin has been added to this bar to moisturize and protect your wool items. The extra lanolin helps to preserve the lanolin in your wool items so you can lanolize less often!

Each package contains 6 Cubes!

Product Size

Each car weighs 4 oz/113 g


Made with coconut oil, palm kernel oil, spring water, lanolin, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil.

Comes wrapped in bio-film a plastic alternative made from corn that is biodegradable and compostable!

How to Use

Simply lather in your hands and let the lanolin rich lather fill your basin.  Wash your wool in the lanolin rich water or gently rub bar of soap directly into wool or stains. Rinse gently and proceed with solid, liquid or spray lanolin when full lanolization is needed.

To maintain the ultimate length in the life of your soap, it is suggested that it be stored on a soap deck/dish so that it can dry in between uses. Do not leave it sitting in water. Bars weigh an average of 4 oz. This rich wool wash bar is made with 40% lanolin.

You will not find a more lanolin rich soap at such an affordable price. Others contain only 30% lanolin and cost as much as 20% more! 

Product Origin: Made in the USA


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