Keekaroo Café Booster™

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The Keekaroo Café Booster™ is our favorite booster seat! It hugs the child's body well, is comfortable, and is made from a material that resist moisture, mildw, mold, and puncturing! We rent this one out to traveling families and it is so fabulous to clean; you can even remove the straps and throw them in the washer!

The Keekaroo  Café Booster™ has 2 straps to fasten securely to a chair (one goes under the seat, and one goes around the seat back), plus straps to buckle your child in (3-point harness). 

Highlights of the Keekaroo Cafe Booster include:

Easy to Clean Easy to Clean: Solid surface wipes down easily and limits bacteria growth
Water Restistant Water Resistant: Fluids cannot penetrate into the pad, stopping mold or deterioration
Soft-to-the-Touch Soft to the Touch: Soft, comfortable surface makes for great napping spot
Protective Layer Protective Layer: Surface allows for immediate cleaning
Puncture Resistant Crack/Puncture Resistant: Designed for hospitals, durable outer shell withstands everyday demands

For What Size

Suitable for ages 12 months to 4 years.


Café Booster Seats are made in the USA from an exclusive process and are:

  • Latex-FREE
  • Phthalate-FREE
  • Formamide-FREE
  • Non-Toxic


Inner seat:  10 in. x 10 in.
Outer seat: 13.5 in. x 13.5 in.
Raised height: 4 in.
Total booster height: 7 in.



5 yr

Product Origin: Made in USA


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