ImseVimse 100% Organic Cotton Menstrual Pad Starter Kit

Kit contains: 1 bag of 100% organic cotton, 3 night pads, 6 regular pads, 3 pantyliners, and 1 wash bag.

These are one of our favorite cloth pads! The multiple layers of thin, organic cotton together make an incredibly absorbent but airy pad. Then add one super thin layer of waterproof PUL to prevent any leaks! Much thinner for the absorbency than others we tested! These cloth pads are thin and supple and snap securely in place.

Made of organic fabric, they spare the environment and save you money. Each size folds around panties and securely fastens in place.  if you have a heavy flow, go with the next thickness up. For example, if your flow is not light, then a 3-pack of the overnight (for first day of period) and 3-pack of the regular will work great!

If you buy enough pads, you can wash them all at the same time when your period is over!


Panty Liner: perfect to combine with menstrual cup or tampons, or for the lightest days at the end of your period.

Regular: suitable to wear alone for average flow.

Night: recommended to use during nights and/or heaviest flow days (depending on your flow and cycle).


Imse Vimse pads are made of 100% organic cotton and reinforced with a thin layer of polyurethane laminated polyester to make them leakproof. Place the printed side next to your skin when using!

This product is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class 1 for baby products.
Packaging is environmentally friendly which uses only 100 percent FSC certified paper.


How to prepare for first use

We recommend washing and drying unbleached cotton on hot/high several times to reach initial absorbency. 

Imse Vimse pads can be washed and dried at normal temperatures. We recommend following cloth diaper washing protocols for your pads, to avoid lingering detergent residues that can affect absorbency and odors long term.

Washing Tip:  Immediately after use, soak or rinse in cold water Use Bac-Out to pre-treat and remove stains. Sunning will also help fade stains.

Product Origin: Made in Latvia

From ImseVimse

We develop and source high-quality materials from around the world. For the sake of the environment we have chosen to use cotton that is organically cultivated, so that we can be certain of offering our customers pure products. Production takes place mainly in Europe, primarily in Latvia, but also in Turkey, among others.

We impose strict demands on suppliers and manufacturers, and carry out annual checks on the conditions in their factories. We also require that they meet our quality standards, environmental requirements and working conditions. Our aim is that products should meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for textiles.


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