Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Yummy, is the only way to describe these delicious hot chocolates on a stick. With varieties from milk to caramel to peppermint and beyond, every hot chocolate Ticket Stick is handmade in our chocolate kitchen of finest couverture chocolate.

The 3-pack includes 3 of the most popular flavors; 
Salted Caramel, 40% cocoa.  Coarse sea salt tops a block of creamy, caramely milk chocolate.
Vanilla Mint, 37% cocoa.  A hint of mint blends with warm vanilla in our creamiest milk chocolate.
French Truffle, 55% cocoa.  Fine dark couverture blends with a pinch of classic cocoa.


Dark chocolate and bittersweet chocolate, while those chocolates do not include dairy as an ingredient, our chocolate is created in a facility that processes items with milk solids, so Ticket Chocolate cannot guarantee that our product has no traces of dairy, though the dark chocolate does not contain it as an ingredient.

No high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oil.

How Do I Use It?

Dunk into steaming milk, stir, and enjoy.
Chocolate will last for months stored at room temperature in a dry place. A cooler spot like a cupboard or pantry is perfect. As long as you do not put the chocolate in direct sun or any other warm spot.  Do not refrigerate.

Product origins: Made in California

About the company: 

Our owner, Tyler, became good friends with AmberLee and her husband during their college years, when he was known as the guy who cooked up actual real meals and sat down to them for dinner. Tyler went on to receive his MBA at Babson College in Wellesley, MA before joining Team Ticket, taking ownership in early 2013. Tyler has a penchant for traveling, gardening, coaching his children’s sports teams, and he probably (if this is possible) loves chocolate even more than the rest of us! Tyler makes his home in the foothills of Northern California with his wife, daughter, and twin toddlers.

Our name. Like a great trip, we want our chocolate to be a part of moments to remember. We want to create chocolate and sweets that send you…

Ticket Chocolate is the result of years of dreaming and many late night conversations (while lingering over steaming mugs of delicious hot chocolate, of course!) …why not come along for the ride?


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