Baltic Amber Necklaces by Healing Hazel

Baltic Amber baby teething natural pain relief necklaces are suitable for babies, toddlers, and children.  Amber is associated with sunlight and warmth and reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the healing of wounds and is thus the perfect help for babies and toddlers who wear it when they are teething. The Healing Hazel brand of baltic amber necklaces features a pop open (break-away) clasp.

They are not designed for chewing with teeth, parent supervision is recommended at all times when baby is wearing necklace.

Product Size

Jillian's Drawers currently carries the 12-13 inch size. 10.5 and 11 inch necklaces are available upon request. We find the 12-13 size adequate for young babies through approximately age 4-5 years!


Only natural 100% authentic Baltic amber is used to make these teething necklaces.  Beads will vary in color, shape, and size since they are natural resins. Certifications can be provided upon request.

any tips? how do i use it?

Wear against the skin under clothing. Not for chewing! Adult supervision is recommended at all times when baby is wearing necklace. We recommend removing necklace at night or looping it twice on the ankle under a sock.


You will need:

  • Two containers of water
  • A toothbrush
  • Some liquid soap
  • Some olive oil
  • And a few towels

Mix a small amount of liquid soap in the water, dip it in the soap and water mixture, and scrub the amber gently. focus on the area wear the silver meets the amber, or in the case of amber without silver, in between the amber stones, or beads. Rinse off any residue from the soap, by washing off the amber in your other container of water. Take small amount of olive oil, apply it to your hand, (or finger depending on the size of the amber) and work it into the stone. This will keep your stone with a beautiful luster. Be careful when cleaning Amber has an approximate Mohs Hardness Value of 2.5, which means it’s a very soft gemstone, and can be scratched.

product origin: made in lithuania, where the baltic amber is collected.

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