HABA My Very First Games- Here, Fishy, Fishy Game

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The fun is catching with My Very First Games - Here, Fishy, Fishy! In free play, children can experiment with the fishing pole, the sea, and all the funny sea creatures! They swim happily in all directions and discover many exciting things to play with. During the game, the children have to catch a fish of the color appearing on the die. Whoever manages to do so gets the fish and a piece to fit into the puzzle template!
Playing time 5 to 10 minutes.

For ages

2 years+


Contents Include: 1 rod with worm, 6 sea dwellers, 1 sea (bottom part of the box), 4 collecting boards (with five toys to pop out) and 1 die with symbols.


Beechwood and stiff cardboard


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Product Origin: Made in Germany


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