Fridet the Momwasher

Makes a great replacement for toilet paper!

Vagina care is super important for new moms. But hospitals don’t seem to get that. They give you a useless, ketchup-bottle-looking-thing that’s supposed to defy gravity to work. That’s why we made the MomWasher which works upside down to make post-delivery healing  for your vajayjay cleaner and easier. Simple, portable, a little adorable, the MomWasher is perfectly designed with new mom’s in mind.

We love the Fridet as a subsitute for toilet paper; use it for gentle cleansing. It's your own handheld bidet! Folks find it great during times of hemorrhoids too. 

Each Fridet comes with a waterproof pouch too!

How Do I Use It? Any Tips?

1. Fill the Fridet with warm water. Add a drop or two of alcohol-free witch hazel (optional). Screw the cap on tightly.

2. Turn the Fridet upside down and aim for your nether regions, directing the focus of the spray where you need it most!

3. Give the bottle a gentle squeeze!



Product Origin: Made in China

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