Eco-Finger Paint

We love the folks at Eco-Kids and their conscientious and natural products! Made from vegetable and seed-based dyes; mix up just what you need for one paint session and store the rest away, safe and sound from messes, in the resealable pouches that it come packaged in. 


Contains enough mix to make 60+ ounces of paint! Contains 4, 4-ounce packages, one each of the following colors: green, blue, magenta, orange, and yellow.

For What Age

Eco-Kids Finger Paint is intended for ages 3 and up.


Made from annatto seed, blue gardenia, curcumin, purple sweet potato, red cabbage, rice flour, earth clay, and baking soda. Gluten-free, lead-free, and non-toxic!

How Do I Use It? Any Tips?

Mix using a 1 to 1 ratio of water to powder. Mix just what you need for one paint session; because this product is natural and does not contain preservatives, it will not store for 

Product Origin: Made in Portland, Maine, USA.

About Eco-Kids
Meet Cammie, Kip & their kids Jack, Maggie and Gus. They are eco-kids® — a family run business that produces all natural art supplies. It began simply, as all good things do, with the molding dough recipe Cammie's mom made for her as a child. After incorporating natural ingredients into the recipe, the dough was transformed into eco-dough™, rich in color, soft in texture, with a delicate aroma like no other. In 2008 Cammie and Kip began selling it at farmers markets. From there, eco-kids® evolved.

Eco-Kids founders Kip and Cammie with kids

This family business lives by their mantra — creative play the natural way™. Products are developed with this belief in mind. From using non-toxic, natural ingredients to the unique packaging, eco-kids® works with environmentally friendly companies from around the United States to bring you fresh ideas in the world of art supplies.

The kids test and ensure the art supplies are fun to play with — after all, that's what it's all about.

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