Dapper Snappers - Make Any Pair of Pants Fit Your Child's Waist!

The saying goes, "Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap!" Dapper Snappers are a smart, cost-saving alternative to adjustable waist pants for skinny toddlers and preschoolers.

What's a Dapper Snapper? This smart device is made from the same type of elastic that suspenders are made from. It fits through the back three belt loops of pants and snaps around the outer 2 loops to cinch the waist band of the pants smaller. With several snap settings, you can toggle the amount of cinch needed. No belt loops, no problem! With the Add-On Clips, you can simply clip the Dapper Snapper on to any waistband that's too big.

Dapper Snappers are really quite easy to use. They don't get in the way of pants or diaper changes, or potty learning! We constantly hear from customers with tall, small-waisted children how frustrated they are with finding pants that stay up. Dapper Snappers take the guess work out of buying pants for your little one!


For ages 9 months to 6 years! Dapper Snappers stretch and are adjustable with 4 size settings. We love products that can be used for many years!

How Do I Use It? Any Tips?

See the video below!

Product Origin: Made in the USA


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