Cool Calm Press by Green Sprouts

A must for your first aid collection! This very friendly gel pack will come in handy for those inevitable bumps, bruises, and falls your child will have. Keep it in the freezer for use at a moment's notice. The non-toxic gel doesn't freeze solid, leaving it flexible for use on little arms and legs. We find this useful for adults too! The small size is just right for targeting a small spot that needs to be iced!

For use with adult supervision only.


Outer is made from Brushed TPU plus film. Inner made from FDA-approved gel, consisting of 75% purified water, 20% propylene glycol, 5 % sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.


Clean before first use. Place in freezer to chill. Cooling therapy to relieve pain in minor bumps and bruises. Do not apply to open wounds. Adults should apply the chilled Cool Calm Press to affected areas. Consult your doctor if swelling or pain persists. Do not allow child to use as a toy or teether.


About iPlay
i play.,Inc. was founded in 1982 based on values that prioritize protecting our earth and our children. Children grow and learn by playing, so our products encourage healthy and safe development through play. Because babies explore through their senses and put everything in their mouths, we make sure that all of our products are safe and conform to US health and safety standards.

In 2006 we learned of concerns about BPA (bisphenol-A), which is used in hard, clear plastics like polycarbonate baby bottles to prevent breakage. BPA has been shown to disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems.  All iPlay® and Green Sprouts® products have been phthalate free since 2003 and BPA free since 2006, and we are continually researching ways to make safer baby products.

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