Chewbeads Juniorbeads Shark Tooth Pendant

Shark tooth pendants are kid chic and playground safe!  Allows your child to safely tug, touch, and chew.  Chewbeads Juniorbeads necklaces a great alternative for fidgeting and nail biting. We love these to satisfy those chewing needs that even our older kiddos have. Big kids get teeth too! Whatever the reason (fashion, function, or both!), Juniorbeads Necklaces are here to save the day! 

Did you know that recent research has shown high amounts of heavy metals, particularly cadmium, in cheap, children's jewelry? Yikes! Be sure that your kiddo is wearing something safe! With Chewbeads, you can rest assured.

  • Easily cleaned with dish soap and water; also dishwasher safe!
  • Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety
  • This shark tooth necklace and other sensory chewbead necklaces jewelry can be used as a great sensory tool 
  • If using as a sensory tool, please use under adult supervision

Product Size

Necklaces measure 20 in. in length.

For What Age

Children's jewelry for ages 3+


100% silicone shark tooth (similar to pacifiers and nipples). No BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, and metals.


Easily cleaned with dish soap and water; also dishwasher safe! Children with fully developed teeth or excessive biting may be able to tear. Shark tooth pendants should be inspected before use, if damaged, discard immediately.


From the founder of Chewbeads
The idea for Chewbeads began in 2009 shortly after the birth of my son. Like most babies, he loved to put everything in his mouth and my necklaces were a favorite. Like most moms, I didn't feel comfortable letting him chew on them, with concern that they might break or have unwanted chemicals. As a veteran of the fashion industry, I had an amazing collection of necklaces and bracelets, so with those as my inspiration, I set out to create soft, non-toxic je
welry, which was colorful, chic and, above all else safe. Hence, Chewbeads!

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