Camden Rose Wooden Good Milk Bottle With 2 Cups

Guaranteed not to spill! Good Milk & Cups by Camden Rose are a customer favorite! A pretend wooden pint-sized milk-style bottle and two wooden cups provide hours of fun in the play kitchen. The two wooden cups may also serve as egg holders!  You can purchase a half dozen eggs from Camden Rose here.

We love the durability, simple beauty, and the fact that you can pretend anything is in this bottle! No label means your imagination is in charge. Friendly to non-dairy consuming folks!

Product Size

Bottle: 6" Tall; cups 3" Tall

For What Age

For ages 3 years+


Made from unfinished natural birch wood. Solid pieces mean no cracks, crevices, or breaking.


Product Care (for ALL wood products): Wood bowls should not be soaked in water or used in a dishwasher or microwave. To clean the surface, a wet cloth or non-abrasive scrub pad should be used. Following cleaning, dry the surface with a dry cloth. For all wood products utilized for kitchen use (including bowls, cutting boards and utensils), it is recommended an occasional coating of beeswax polish be applied. This process preserves the moisture content of the wood. Cherry wood will naturally darken with age.

product origin: made in the usa

About Camden Rose

Camden Rose is a collective voice of designers, artists, teachers, musicians, craftspeople, and parents, who choose to create a better future for our children. We began in 2003 following the success of the Cherry Rattle (formerly Rudy’s Rattle). After establishing ourselves as a respected design and manufacturing firm of imagination-based toys, we have grown to include items for schools and child-centered organizations.

Each item that we sell is meticulously constructed by craftspeople that specialize in their art. Our items are not mass-produced, rather they are created one-by-one, the old-fashioned way. Our toys are constructed to last through multiple generations and the materials that make up the toys are gathered through organized sustainability programs. We use the highest quality materials, all certified non-toxic. Toys made from natural materials such as wood, silk, wool or beeswax have a warm and honest quality that does not give a false impression of weight, mass or touch. It is our responsibility to provide an environment that tells the story of our world honestly and at the same time protects that world.

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