Classic Maple Slingshot with 5 Wool Felt Balls

Target practice builds hand/eye coordination and concentration skills. Vintage 1950's design and no wrist brace. This lovely and durable slingshot might sound dangerous, but with wool felt balls and a few rules in place, you will not get an eye poked out! ;p

This slingshot has been super popular in our retail store as a gift item for kids 3 and up! And it's made in the USA by an amazing company. 

    Product Size

    Dimensions: 6.75" tall, 4.25" wide. Wool felt balls measure 3 cm in diameter. 

    For What Age

    For ages 3 years+. Older children will be able to more effectively use this, however 3 year olds can often shoot it too!


    Made in the USA from sustainably sourced maple wood. Felt balls are made from wool, layered with multiple colors!

    Product Origin: Made in the USA

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