"Better Fit" OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds - Best for trifolding and laying in a cover!

Do you want to skip fastening your prefolds with a Snappi? Instead, use these "Better Fit" prefolds and just fold them into thirds and lay them into a cover! Traditional prefolds tend to be 2"-4" too long and need to be folded in front or back to make them fit inside a waterproof cover. These prefolds are just the right length to fit inside standard covers, which means less bulk and a better fitting size!

These soft and absorbent Diaper Service Quality (DSQ) prefolds are the same ones diaper services use and are meant to withstand industrial washings. They can be used as burp cloths, diaper doublers, or as changing pads. And later on, use them as cleaning rags!

Traditional vs. Better Fit

Traditional Fit prefold cloth diapers can be secured to baby with diaper pins, Snappi Fasteners, Boingos or placed in diaper cover and trifolded (sides folded over the middle) with the extra length then folded over in front or back for additional absorbency. See the first 2 pictures below. Many additional ways of folding these diapers can be found such as the angel wing fold, the bikini twist, and others. These versatile work-horses have been the standard since prefold diapers replace flat diapers in the late 1960's.






Better Fit prefold diapers are sized to fit diaper covers when a simple trifold is used. See first picture below. This results in a less bulky and more comfortable fit. They are 2.5 inches shorter in the infant size and 5-6 inches shorter than the regular or premium sized traditional prefolds. The premium sized Better Fit can also be used as a medium size between the traditional infant and regular/premium sizes.


Size Size (inches)
width x length
Size (inches)
width x length
Weight (each)
Baby Wt.
Stitch Color
Infant Better Fit 4x8x4 12.5" x 13.5" 11" x 11"  2.5 oz 6-16 lbs Purple
Premium Better Fit 4x8x4 14.5" x 16"  13" x 13.5" 3.5 oz 14-30 lbs Red
(looks like Dark Orange after several washings)
Toddler Better Fit 4x8x4 15.5 x 18.5 14 x 15.75 4.2 oz 25-45 lbs Brown


How to prepare for first use

Don't be surprised at how these prefolds look when you pull them out of the box!  They will quilt up and feel wonderfully soft after a few washes.

Because unbleached cotton retains its natural oil, it's important to remove this waxy outer fiber layer before using them for the first time.  We recommend washing them with hot sudsy water and drying them in the dryer at leastthree times before their first use. (That's wash - dry - wash - dry - wash - dry).  To test if they're ready to use, make a pocket in the diaper and pour half a cup of water into it.  If the water is not readily absorbed, then they should be washed and dried more.

We recommend washing your prefolds by themselves during this break-in period.  This will reduce pilling and prevent the oils from the unbleached prefolds from coating other diapers, causing them to repel water, rather than absorb it.

For our washing recommendations, click here.

Product Origin: Made in Pakistan

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