The Original Cloth Diaper Pail

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The classic pail! This pail has been used for diaper services, health care and senior care for decades. Endorsed by the National Association of Diaper Services, the Original Cloth Diaper Pail features a removable lid with hinged top, built-in holder for Citrus Circles or other deodorizing disks, and large capacity (54 quart). 

Dads and moms alike both feel that odor containment has proven to be one of its most successful components and the use of Citrus Circles only serves to enhance its effectiveness. This pail has clean lines and an attractive presentation, making it useful for many things beyond the diaper days (think laundry, storage, recycling, dog food, trash, cloth rags, and much more). We love the easy in-and-out of using this pail; when your hands are dirty, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with latching a lid! The hinged lid easily opens with a gentle back of the hand lift and will shut on its own. To top it all off (pun intended!), the lid comes off, which makes folding a reusable diaper pail liner over the edge a breeze. This is also fabulous because then the pail liner does not impede the closing of the lid in any way!

This pail is a favorite for our Diaper Service customers!


Dimensions: 12 ½”L X 15 ½”W X 23 ½”H

The Original Cloth Diaper pail holds approximately 75 newborn diapers and fits a 13 gallon trash bag. We find that customers love this pail both for home-laundering cloth diaper situations and for those using a diaper service. 

Product Origin: Made in the USA

About BNI

When the Guttormson family sold their plastic manufacturing company in 1997 they chose to retain a few proprietary products which they truly believed in, including The Original Diaper Pail, that has become a staple of the cloth diaper world helping eco-friendly moms to keep their babies happy since its inception. The enthusiasm for this product has not dampened over the years!

The pail's creation and design has proven to be a truly successful collaboration with the National Association of Diaper Services (now the Real Diaper Industry Association). 

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