Detergent Sampler Pack

Find your favorite cloth diaper detergent with our Detergent Sampler Pack!

Perfect for those new to cloth, looking to change detergents, or doing our Try Cloth for $10 program. Those using our Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental will find this useful as well!

Sampler includes:

See our full detergent guide here!

Our Detergent Sampler is great for those looking to try a new detergent before investing in a larger size. New to cloth diapering? Give it a try! You get Get 10-20 loads each out of the sample sizes of Allen's Naturally and Charlie's Soap- total of 20-40 load's worth of detergent! Plus, it's always good to have RLR Laundry Treatment on hand! Using RLR periodically (every few months or so!) will help prevent residues and build up that results from detergent and mineral deposits over time. We always recommend stripping (using RLR to remove build up) when changing detergents, otherwise your diapers or fabrics will still have the previous build up lingering and it can be hard to tell if the new detergent is working well or causing any problems. Directions for use (and quantities) are included with each sample.

 Product Origin: All detergents included are made in the USA.

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