Charlie's Hard Water Booster

Charlie's Booster is a hard-water treatment made from a non-toxic biodegradable phosphate that brings out the best of Charlie’s Soap without leaving any residues on your clothes. It controls minerals in your wash water with just 1/2 tablespoon per load. Your septic system and washing machine will be safe, too, because Booster is completely soluble.

Charlie's Soap is friendly to all earth, air, and marine life because it contains only the purest, most biodegradable, natural ingredients. It contains NO lye, NO phosphates, NO bleach, NO brighteners, NO dyes, NO softeners, NO petroleum, NO fillers, and NO perfume. We love referencing the EWG's (Environmental Working Group's) rating on body care and cleaning products, and you can see that Charlie's Soap gets at A rating here

See our full detergent guide here! If any redness or rash occurs, discontinue use of Charlie's Soap immediately. Some babies have a reaction to Charlie's Soap which can be eliminated by switching detergents.

  • Surpasses standards for biodegradability
  • You could say we’re a natural.
  • We were green before it was cool.
  • Charlie’s Soap NEVER tests on animals.
  • Nope. Nada. Never.
  • Works on a wide variety of soils. Improves high-tech fabrics.
  • Someone has to do the dirty work.
  • Ours is a simple game, played to a higher level.
  • Rinses completely, leaving nothing behind but the sweet smell of clean.
  • Just plain clean is what we do.
  • If you want flowers, go pick some.
  • Safe. Non Toxic. Gentle on the skin.
  • Nothing to sneeze about.
  • As itch free as detergent can be.


2.64 lb. Powder - 160 doses


Potassium diphosphate



Sutherland Products has gone to great lengths to ensure their detergents are truly safe for the environment and children.

Flame Retardent:  Charlie's Soap continued to improve the flame retardant properties after each washing to the point where the fabric would not catch fire at all. No other detergent tested improved the flame retardant properties of children's sleepwear at all. 

Hypo-Allergenic:  Charlie's Soap rinses clean material. Research conducted by Clemson University.

Biodegradibility:  To qualify as biodegradable, a substance must be 80% degraded in 28 days. Charlie's Soap degraded over 97% in soil in 28 days and is even certified safe for use in small lakes and streams.
Product Origin: Made in the USA.

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