Wee Gallery Art Cards For Baby

Seen by baby from the very first day! Wee Gallery prints come from hand-painted original artwork that takes advantage of the visual strengths of your baby. High contrast images keep baby interested because that's what their little brains can process easily in infancy.

Whimsical animals made up of black and white repeating shapes entertain and engage your little one, transforming the crib into her own wee art gallery!

What do babies see? From 0-3 months, babies see the contrast of black and white geometric shapes. Older babies begin to recognize the animals and know their names and before you know it, they are teaching younger siblings! Can also be turned into a cool urban mobile with the Kikkerland mobile kit. Art Cards make a great newborn gift!

Sets include the following delightful designs:

Black and White: anteater, penguin, dalmation, ring-tailed lemur, skunk, and panda
Jungle: lion, snake, parrot, monkey, zebra, and bear
Original: elephant, fish, giraffe, snail, owl, and cat
Pets: dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, goldfish, and iguana

Rainforest: sloth, jaguar, monkey, chameleon, toucan, and frog
Sea: sea horse, jellyfish, turtle, octopus, fish, and stingray
Woodland: fox, hedgehog, raccoon, deer, rat, and woodpecker

Kikkerland Mobile kit sold separately.

Product Size

Each card measures 5" x 7".


Made from sturdy board, matte laminated, with rounded corners.

For What Age

For newborns to 24 months+

Product Origin: Printed in Hong Kong.

About Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery is a small, family business and they strive to make the world a better place by engaging with community and the world around us. Wee Gallery uses only sustainably-sourced materials and partner with companies that operate on socially sustainable practices. They strive to use minimal packaging and keep everything biodegradable. They use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) card stock in their cards and soy inks. Wee Gallery Wall Graphics are made with Polypropylene, instead of PVC.  All the cotton in their soft goods is certified organic under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) .

At Wee Gallery, they are also world citizens with roots in India and the UK. While they strive to do things locally, they also look to the world to help sustain the business. They source from India for hand-made cottons. They source from China for offset printing and boxes.  They source from the US for Wall Graphics and Coloring Books.  All their vendors agree to a code of conduct which includes workers rights and responsible use of resources.

It’s important that you know where the products in your home come from.  At Wee Gallery, they get that.  That’s why they use only earth-friendly ingredients in their products.

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