An imaginative play staple! Hand-dyed and hemmed! Playsilks are really one of our "best" toys! Playsilks let parents and kids use their imaginations to "create"... changing what they imagine the playsilk to be from day to day!  More color choices in the larger size silks!  Prices vary from $14.99 to $19.99.

Used for kids playing dress-up, building forts, wrapping up dollies, blue water under legos, brown mountains for an adventure, and more. We find parents also use them to decorate their seasonal tables at home. Most popular waldorf toys, used in preschools, kindergartens and homes all over the world.

Playsilks  come in a wonderful variety of colors and sizes. Hand wash, hang dry. Children love to wash these themselves in a sink or bucket outside. The silk feels different and interesting when wet!


35" square

For What Age

Ages 3 and up


100% Silk


Hand wash and line dry.


Product origins: Made in China, finishing, ironing and packaged in the USA

Silk is natural, renewable, and eco-friendly, as is the wood, wool, and cotton used in their toys. Pretend play is the foundation for a creative, inspired life and they hope their toys will be a part of your children’s memories.

Silk is an ancient product of China. Sarah’s Silks are woven, dyed, and hand-hemmed in a small village near Suzhou, a beautiful city long renowned for its silk culture. Sarah and Mike Lee enjoy this rich connection to exotic China and their family’s ancestral heritage.

Family Made

Sarah’s Silks hires Chinese seamstresses who work in their homes, often sitting in doorways, as their children play nearby. Sarah’s Silks offers the seamstresses incentives beyond prevailing wages as well as access to supplemental health insurance as part of their efforts to support the healthy families of their partners across the world.

The hand-hemmed and dyed products travel by ship to Sonoma County, California. Here, women work in their homes to finish sewing, ironing and packaging Sarah’s Silks products.

Sarah and Mike Lee manage Sarah’s Silks from their Sonoma County home, where they continue to raise three boys in the Waldorf tradition. All three of their sons work in the family business by introducing and making string games and scrap bags.


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