OsoCozy Indian Prefolds - Best Selling Cotton Prefold!

Pure, unbleached Indian cotton makes these prefolds incredibly soft and absorbent. These are long lasting Diaper Service Quality (DSQ) diapers, meaning they are the same ones diaper services use. We also have gently used prefolds available! Click here to shop gently used (one of several advantages of buying used is that you get to skip the 4 pre-washes!).

Because unbleached prefolds retain much of their natural cotton oils in the fiber matrix, they are softer and more durable than bleached prefolds. Bleached prefolds are white because the cotton yarn is bleached in the factory prior to weaving the material, making the cotton fibers weaker and releasing additional pollutants.

Fasten with a
Snappi®,  Boingo, diaper pins, or simply fold and lay inside a cover. So simple! Scroll down and to read our recommendations for sizing!

Width x Length
Width x Length
After Washing
Our Recommendation      
9.5" x 13"
9" x 11"
Perfect size for most newborns. But will be too small for 9-10 lb newborns. Many parents skip this size because they only fit 2-6 weeks. But if you want the perfect, itty bitty newborn size, these are them. They can be used as extra absorbency for older babies, so you will use them again!
12" x 16"
11" x 13"
The most common size parents purchase for the newborn stage. These will be slightly big for the first 2-3 weeks, but they will work. They typically fit until 3-5 months old, or 14 lbs. Also a great burp cloth size.
14.5" x 21"
13" x 16"
The most common size parents purchase after the infant size. Most parents don't need to buy a larger size. When this size is too small to wrap around your baby and fasten with a Snappi or Boingo, you can just fold these into thirds and lay into a cover. These are also the perfect size to use in medium and large pocket diapers, or in any one-size diaper on the medium or large setting.
14.5" x 22"
13" x 17"
 These are good if you would like to use a Snappi or Boingos with your older baby. These are great to wrap around and infant size prefold for night time. A nice size to lay on your changing table under your baby to help keep your changing table cover clean.
17.5" x 23"
15" x 19.5"
 These are really big prefolds! Most babies will never need this size. These work well as a night time diaper for babies 1.5 years and older, or for really big babies during the day. You'll need to use a Snappi or Boingo with these. They are too big to fold into thirds and lay in a cover, and too big to fit inside pocket diapers.


What does "Ply" mean?
The three layering numbers refer to the number of fabric layers of the three panels of the prefold diaper with the middle panel being the thickest.  For example, an infant size prefold has 4 layers of fabric on the left and right side of the prefold and 8 layers of fabric down the middle.


Made from 100% unbleached Indian cotton.


How to prepare for first use

Don't be surprised at how these prefolds look when you pull them out of the box!  They will quilt up and feel wonderfully soft after a few washes.

Because unbleached cotton retains its natural oil, it's important to remove this waxy outer fiber layer before using them for the first time.  We recommend washing them with hot sudsy water and drying them in the dryer at leastthree times before their first use. (That's wash - dry - wash - dry - wash - dry).  To test if they're ready to use, make a pocket in the diaper and pour half a cup of water into it.  If the water is not readily absorbed, then they should be washed and dried more.

We recommend washing your prefolds by themselves during this break-in period.  This will reduce pilling and prevent the oils from the unbleached prefolds from coating other diapers, causing them to repel water, rather than absorb it.

For our washing recommendations, click here.

Product Origin: Made in Pakistan

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