Boingo Cloth Diaper Fastener

Fasten your prefolds and flats with Boingos! Replaces traditional cloth diaper pins. Just hook on one side of the diaper, pull and grip, do the other side, and you are ready to go! Compared to a Snappi, Boingos will not push on baby's tummy and delicate areas, since it does not need to stretch across from side to side. Plus, you can fasten one side of the diaper, let go, and then fasten the other side of the diaper (great for wiggly babies)! We find that when using Boingos,  you can make a certain size prefold last a bit longer!

Boingos are latex, PVC, Lead, BPA and Phthalate-free, and are 100% recyclable!!! We find the grips are longer and sharper than those on a Snappi, so they grip dense fabrics well (like hemp).


Boingo Diaper Fasteners only have one size! Bonus! That's because they simply need to connect one part of a cloth diaper to another, just like a pin would, so no sizing is necessary! We love it when you can buy one size and that's all you need. Phew!


Boingo Fasteners are made from medical-grade silicone. 


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