5-Pack Microfleece Stay-Dry Liners from AppleCheeks

Add a dry feeling layer to any cloth diaper! Why do folks use these? They are fabulous for 3 reasons:

1. You can create a dry layer next to the skin. This can be beneficial when you don't want wetness to wake baby (like for night time), need the skin to heal from any irritation, or if baby is complaining when they feel the wetness :)

2. You can protect your cloth diaper from any diaper cream or balms. Because the fleece liner lays between the diaper and the baby, it can prevent whatever is being used on the baby's skin from coating the cloth diaper itself. This is useful because certain types of diaper creams and balms may contain ingredients that are likely to leave residues (sometimes visible, sometimes not) and this can effect the absorbency of the fabric. The fleece may retain these residues, however replacing the fleece liners over time is much more cost effective than replacing your entire cloth diaper stash!

3. You can remove poop more easily! If your baby's poop is solid or semi-solid, most of it should land on the fleece liner. When it comes time to change the diaper, simply lift off the liner and shake it into the toilet or spray it off with a diaper sprayer. This should keep your cloth diaper staining to a minimum and make overall cleaning of your cloth diapers more pleasant and effective!

Product Origin: Made in Canada

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