Green Goop Nipple Cream

An all time favorite, Green Goop Nipple Cream heals sore and cracked nipples amazingly fast!  This salve is a true miracle!  Every mother who plans on breastfeeding their baby should have some of this on hand to help them through the first period when sore nipples are possible.  

This salve can also be used for any skin ailment, so don't worry if you don't need it all in the early days of nursing. Past uses have been diaper rash, scraped skin, chapped and cracked feet, lip balm, razor burn, eczema, psoriasis, chapped hands, etc.  We've even used it to prevent/combat butt blisters on long cycling trips. Yep! One nurse midwife we know gives a small jar to each of her new moms.  No family should be without Green Goop in their "medicine" cabinet!

Why do we love it so? Well... it works! Really well! For so many things. While lanolin is amazing for the skin, this combination of added herbals really takes the healing to another level. Try it for yourself!

A little goes a long way.  This salve is very concentrated.  
Made by Creative Health Arts.


Organic comfrey root and leaf, plantain leaves, calendula flowers infused in olive oil, beeswax, and lanolin. Green Goop is available without lanolin for those allergic to sheep's wool. Green Goop is contained in glass jars.

Product Origin: Made in the USA (Michigan)

About Creative Health Arts & Granny Janny

Janice Marsh-Prelesnik has practiced and taught traditional midwifery, massage therapy and herbalism since 1981. She has four homebirthed, homeschooled children and lives in rural southwest Michigan near Kalamazoo. Janice loves to watch her students grow, develop their intuition and integrate midwifery and the natural healing arts into their lifestyles. During the summertime Janice can be found in her organic gardens preparing herbal remedies for her business, Granny Janny Herbs.

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