Esembly Diaper Cover (Outer)

Do you love earthy, artistic prints and softness against the skin? Check out Esembly outer! It's a cloth diaper cover without a laminate layer against the skin, and wide, gentle elastics in the leg gussets. Two sizes (especially over top of their fitted inner!) should take you all the way through potty learning. 

Esembly outers may feel soft, but they do still have a waterproof layer between the cute polyester layers. All covers have a snap closure at the waist. Pair with Esembly Inners for a perfect fit, or use over other prefolds or fitted diapers

Product Sizing

Size 1: fits babies weighing approx 7-17 lbs

 Size 2: fits babies weighing approx 18-35 lbs


Made from upcycled polyester TPU, this cover is certified for safety and free from harmful chemicals. It's not just eco-friendly, it's also food-safe - in case you want out of your diaper cover (we don't judge).


For Esembly baby's washing instruction, click here:

For our washing recommendations, click here.


Term: 1 year from date of purchase 

Details: Esembly products are thoughtfully designed and masterfully crafted. Each production run undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure that every item meets or surpasses high standards. 

Esemby offers a 12-month Manufacturer Warranty, valid from the Date of Purchase. Warranty is extended to the original owner of the products with proof of purchase from or an authorized Esembly retailer.

If you have received a product that doesn’t meet your expectations, please submit a claim so they can review and follow up with you.

Items routinely covered by warranty include

  • Snaps
  • Elastic
  • Sewn Seams
  • Surged Edges
  • Zippers
Product Origin: Made in China

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