Lillebaby Doll Carrier

Of course your little one wants to be just like you! Doll carriers make a great holiday gift, big sister/brother gift, and gift for all those little nurturers. 

Lillebaby Doll Carriers are modeled after their adult lines, and can be worn on both the front and back of the body. Doll carriers are great for baby dolls and stuffed animals/toys alike.

For What Age 

Made for ages 3+


Made from 100% cotton.


Machine wash cold, mild detergent, no bleach. Hang dry

Products Origin: Made in China.

About Lillebaby

Resonating with the Scandinavian values of quality of life, honesty, and a love for nature's beauty, LÍLLÉbaby strives to make baby products that bring this functional style to parents, anywhere. They wish parents to attain the simple luxury of keeping their baby close while building a natural bond, in perfect comfort and style.

Becoming a parent reminds us that we pass the world down to our children. To that end, LÍLLÉbaby is committed to minimizing their impact on the environment by bringing you environmentally responsible products and maximizing recycling in their production, packaging and day-to-day work. Though "organic" and "sustainable" are quite the buzzwords these days, they've been a part of our company vocabulary from the very beginning. They started almost 10 years ago with lots of optimism, but little money, so conservation was critical. Their packaging and ink are tested for their decomposability performance in landfills to ensure they are not harmful to the environment. The materials they choose, the coloring they use, the production methods they employ, and the factories they select are where they make sure the products are healthy for our little customers, and where their green philosophy makes the biggest difference.

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